Projects & Services

Representative Experience


  • Geologic consultant assisting in reservoir characterization and resource and reserve evaluation of Pennsylvanian age sands for a property located in New Mexico.
  • Consultant to a group evaluating reserves and infill drilling potential for a property located at the northern end of the Barnett Shale play.
  • Geologic Consultant to an engineering group doing reserve evaluation on three gas fields in the Burgos Basin of Mexico.
  • Geologic Consultant to engineering group which was retained by a multi-national company to evaluate, for potential acquisition, natural gas and oil assets in the Nile Delta region of Egypt and Cook Mountain trend of Southeast Texas.
  • Geologic Consultant to an engineering group doing reserve evaluation for a block in the Gulf of Thailand containing 4 producing areas (over 400 wells) and 2 delineated areas awaiting infrastructure placement and development drilling.
  • Geologic Consultant to an engineering group doing reserve estimation for a newly discovered gas and condensate field offshore Brazil, producing from Jurassic Age fluvial and eolian facies.
  • Geologic Consultant to an international engineering group evaluating core asset covering parts of 4 counties and including over 4,000 producing wells, for a major independent in the Southeastern Midland Basin of Texas.
  • Geologic Consultant to an international engineering firm that did reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation, and provided facilities and secondary recovery decision direction on world class Cretaceous carbonate field in UAE, currently producing over 250,000 BOPD. As a result of the recommendations of the study the Government of Abu Dhabi’s Onshore Operator let a contract with a value in excess of 1 billion dollars for field wide upgrades. In addition, they just recently announced a large contract to upgrade the takeaway capacity of the field.
  • Currently building a digital and hardcopy database for a client who has mineral and royalty assets in approximately 50 sections scattered across five counties in the Permian Basin. The database will include leasehold, net revenue, payment and production information. The goal is to allow the client to easily keep track of and to update all of her oil and gas assets.


    Working Interest participant in 3D dataset. Drilled and completed two successful Yegua test with multiple pay zones by sidewall core and open-hole log analysis.
  • 3D Seismic Survey South Texas
    Participant in an approximate 60 square mile 3D survey in South Texas to evaluate Wilcox and shallower sands. Approximately twelve wells have been drilled within this survey.
  • Jurassic Prospect East Texas 
    Generated a prospect covering approximately 10,000 acres based on subsurface control, seismic, offset production and a pre-fracture stimulation test in the key well. Apache Corporation acquired the property in 2002 and drilled 6 wells in the area, 5 of which were successful completions in the Cotton Valley Lime, with potential pay behind pipe in the Cotton Valley and Bossier sands. XTO also drilled 2 successful Cotton Valley Lime wells.
  • Stockman Field Area - Shelby County, Texas
    Calvin was instrumental in negotiating an approximate 7,000 acre farm-out from a major independent oil & gas company. Calvin and its’ partners re-entered 1 well and drilled 9 additional wells on this prospect. To date, pay zones have been found in the Pettet, Travis Peak, Upper and Lower Cotton Valley sands, Haynesville Shale and Haynesville Lime.

Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Drilling Rig In South Texas


  • Mineral or leasehold estate
  • Asset valuation or utilization
  • Development, acquisition or divestiture
  • Natural gas, oil or coalbed methane


  • Producing property acquisition and divestiture
  • Exploration or development prospects
  • Evaluation of SEC Form D Securities Offerings and Placement Memoranda


  • Regional or field level
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation
  • Database development and management


  • Project planning, timeline and capital expenditure analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Production decline forecasts
  • “What if” scenarios for revenue, tax or cost escalation
  • Jurassic Cotton Valley Lime test in East Texas Basin